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great hit of the galaxies & clubs

A2A-Projet feat. K-Kanayo - Hey Ya

A2A-Projet - Hey Ya

A2A-Projet - Hey Ya.......the music: electronic meets guitar........his hit goes through all the galaxies and brings fun, love, peace, partying & happiness. Like this message and this song all over the world and galaxies. :-) :-) out now in August 2015 worldwide by LA-Groove (Los Angeles-California) - more information about our , facebook, releases  and more....coming soon!

Singer from A2A-Projet Antonia S.

Dr. of Holistic Nutrition

Antonia S. is A2A-Projet’s lead singer. She is a high-powered woman who holds a doctor’s degree. For more information click the "Button".



Rapper from A2A-Projet K-Kanayo

Royal blood flows through his veins

K-Kanayo is A2A-Projet's Rapper. His performance on stage is explosive. He has an individual, highly distinctive rap style. His parental roots are in Africa. K-Kanayo loves music. Besides being passionate about music, he is also actually a king in real life. 

Maxx Scuti is producer from A2A-Projet
Maxx Scuti - Producer

LA-GROOVE is a successful record label

The man behind this label is Maxx Scuti, an Italian American music producer. He usually stays in the background, very rarely gives interviews, and prefers not to be mentioned by name at all; yet he can look back on tremendous success around the world and several famous chart hits.


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